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Whatever you need to print you can print it with a home printer capable of printing it. However, deciding on a printer isn't always easy, given the sheer number of options on the market. To assist us, we've created a quick-and-dirty buying guide for selecting a home printer, with simple explanations of some of the most frequently used terms, plus recommendations that will serve the majority of customers.

Inkjet or laser?
The first question all printer buyers must tackle comes down to a matter of what and how much you're planning to print. Inkjet printers make use of cartridges of ink that are applied wet to paper and dry quickly, whereas laser printers make use of toner, a form of ink dust that bonds to paper for fast results and efficient resource use. ,[[|Homepage]].

Color inkjet printers comprise most of the market because they can print virtually everything: essays pie charts, glossy images and more. Inkjet printers of today, as well as all-in-ones are extremely fast and can print at speeds similar to or higher than laser counterparts.

Laser printers are an excellent option for office settings when most of the printing that requires printing is in monochrome. Laser printers that are monochrome are inexpensive, provide fast printing, and are less expensive per page than color inkjets. You must decide whether you're willing to give up the flexibility of a color-inkjet printer. Color laser printers are another option, but they generally are more expensive per page printed than a color inkjet.

The yield of printers using lasers is excellent. Laser printers can print anywhere from three to 20,000 pages prior to needing to be replaced. Inkjet cartridges can last between two and two hundred pages. This is less important if you print very often or infrequently, but it can be a big difference for people who use a lot of inkjet cartridges or for those who buy for offices.

Multifunction printers
Multifunction printers are printer that can also scan and fax aswell in printing. The printers are available as laser or inkjet versions and are commonly referred to as multi-function printers (MFPs) or "all-in-1s".

A multifunction unit is the ideal option for use at home. It's much cheaper than purchasing a printer or standalone scanner, as well as saving space. We strongly recommend all-in-ones to use at home. They're quite common and they don't usually have a cost (often less than $50-60).

MFPs allow you to scan documents directly to your computer, while some even offer an option to fax. While they're more prevalent in offices, they have a limited application in the field of business.

Printers for photo
If you're more concerned about preserving family photos on paper than printing off assignments for homework and pie charts, consider a dedicated (single function) photo printer. They are not as flexible as multitaskers but they usually print better than what you'd receive at the kiosk or mail order service. The price you have to pay for this type of convenience is measured in the print cost, however. ,[[|Read more here]].

The majority of printers designed only for dedicated photo or graphic use are small-size units capable of printing images up to 6 inches wide in size or wide format models designed to print media up to 24 inches in width. These specialty printers also tend to be more expensive than multifunction printers. Both Canon and Epson have models that print 8.5 by 11 inches and use five or six shades of ink to produce photos with greater color accuracy. A lot of all-in-one models can print photos that are up to 8.5 by 11 inches in size when you choose the appropriate paper.
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